Che -  Hey!

Boludo - Literally someone with large balls, used for men and women alike; a fool, also used affectionally among friends.

Che Boludo: A Gringo's Guide to Understanding the Argentines

The Argentines speak a unique type of Castellano full of slang, word play and hand gestures that will keep even the most fluent Spanish speakers struggling to keep up. Our goal is to expand Argentinian language and culture to the world in a fun and engaging way.The ¡Che Boludo! book and App are the most handy tools available to help you understand what's going on in Argentina. We have recently added a line of Argentinian Inspired Merchandise sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

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Before I got my hands on Che Boludo I carried my Spanish-English dictionary and verb conjugation book everywhere I went in Argentina. Now all I need is Che Boluda! First, it is way more practical and useful. Second, it is frickin' hilarious and I WANT to study it all the time, therefore I actually learn a thing or two. If you really want to connect with the locals, start with a purchase of Che Boludo! The best money I've spent since I've been in Argentina!

gringo in ARG

A good present for your overseas friends if you're from Argentina, they'll have a laugh and perhaps understand a few things too.

Amazon Customer

This book is absolutely fantastic. I am planning on spending a few months in Argentina next year and wanted to learn some lingo to impress my family over there. My parents, who are both Argentinians, were in stitches laughing when I started repeating lines from the book. They said it was absolutely spot on and that the phrases are still used everyday. The hand actions are great too!

Amazon Customer